Frequently Asked Questions

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The Van Moody Advance Leadership Institute is a 10-module program with each module being 4 weeks. The impact is ongoing, and we have some great events planned for all our students!

As much as you loved homework in high school, there is no required homework in our program. Pastor Moody or our Executive Influencer faculty may occasionally give you an assignment, but you have the liberty to fulfill it or not. Assignments are given with the sole purpose of helping you think critically and grow as a leader.

Yes. A Diploma of Leadership will be sent to you! You will receive discounts to products, events and offers from time to time.

Absolutely. Every video training, as well as the live chats, is recorded and stored inside our membership site. You'll be able to go back, watch and review the content over and over again.

No. You can pay monthly if that works better for you. As a member, you can pay monthly or make one annual payment.

Yes! This program is perfect for leaders who want to establish good habits and best practices. You will learn from experienced leaders and influencers who will give you a strong foundation in leadership.

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