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Great things are accomplished when a group of highly respected and diverse leaders gather with one goal in mind—to equip you to be an influencer in the spheres of society where real decisions are made: education, government, media, arts and entertainment, business, family, and religion. Are you ready to increase your sphere of influence? Regardless of where you serve, work, or lead today, The Advance Leadership Institute is your first step to igniting your capacity to be an influential leader in society and culture.

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What is TALI?

The Advance Leadership Institute is a 12-month diploma program taught by top national leadership experts within a fully interactive environment where students are equipped to serve in the key places of influence in society.

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Who is it for?

Whether you are a church leader, a marketplace leader, a politician or civic leader, or someone who is aspiring to leadership, The Advance Leadership Institute is for you. It’s for any leader in any sphere who wants to leverage their influence to bring God’s kingdom where it hasn’t been before.

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"Excellence demands continual, passionate effort. It is a goal you have to go after all the time."

—Van Moody

“A critical key to seeing increase in your life is refusing to isolate yourself and, instead, joining with other productive people.”

—Van Moody