The Program

The Advance Leadership Institute offers you the opportunity to grow and succeed like never before. You’ll gather with others in a virtual campus online, where top national leaders will teach, train, and equip you to increase your capacity for more influential levels of leadership.

Online Learning

The Advance Leadership Institute is entirely online. There is no need to travel or block out days on your calendar for additional seminars and events. You’ll participate online, all from the convenience of your home, office, or favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.

Executive Group Coaching

At The Advance Leadership Institute, we have assembled an amazing team of Executive Influencers to help you become a better leader. You will participate in interactive chats within each module where you will learn secrets to leading with influence and ask questions about challenges you face in your current leadership role or obstacles you could face in the role you aspire to.

Book Club

As a member of The Advance Leadership Institute, you will be prompted to get a new book in each module. These books are suggested readings from the Influencers and are carefully selected as resources that will help you in your leadership journey.

Growing Resource Library

As a member of The Advance Leadership Institute, you will not only have access to great teachings and group coaching, but you will also enjoy a growing library of digital resources created especially for you. These resources are housed in our secondary portal. To access, click here.

Time Commitment

We understand that you already have a full schedule and find it challenging to make time for hobbies, recreation, and leadership development. That’s why, as a member of The Advance Leadership Institute, you choose the day and time of your studies that best fits your schedule. With the exception of our live interactive chats, everything is on-demand, on your schedule.

A Monthly Snapshot

So, what does a Module in The Advance Leadership Institute look like? Great question! There are four key elements for each module. They are:

  • Executive Influencer Training - We will send some game-changing training your way. You will log in to our membership site and have access to video training from one of our Executive Influencers. This is a 30-minute to 60-minute video training that has been created exclusively for you as a member of the program.
  • Live Interactive Chats - We will have a group interactive chat with Jacin Humphrey (our Program Director) and an Executive Influencer. This is a live chat room where you will get some great training and will have the opportunity to get some of your leadership questions answered.
  • Book Week - We believe that leaders are readers. That's why we use a specific book as a foundation for every module. Not a thick textbook, but a practical book to help you think critically and to stretch your learning. Discussion about the book will happen in our interactive chat.
  • Document Suggest - We focus our attention on learning from one another. Each of our Influencers will put together an article for members to review and as a group you’ll engage in discussions with one another on pertinent questions and vital topics facing leaders today. This will also happen in our membership site.


Here are some of the modules coming in the months to come.
  • Module
    Suggested Book Reading
  • TALI 101
    How to develop the leader in you
    Pastor Van Moody
    The i-Factor By Van Moody
  • TALI 102
    How to attain excellence in leadership (Lessons from 35 years of wisdom and mistakes)
    Dr. Kenneth Ulmer
    The Forgotten Baptism By Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer
  • TALI 103
    Kingdom secrets for life change & true leadership impact
    Dr. Matthew Hester
    Secrets of the Ascended Life By Kelley Varner
  • TALI 104
    Unleashing the entrepreneurial leader within you
    De’Andre Salter
    Seven Wealth Building Secrets By De’Andre Salter
  • TALI 105
    The changing paradigms of tomorrow's leader
    Martijn Van Tilborgh
    Unboxed By Martijn van Tilborgh
  • TALI 106
    Leadership & organizational essentials for effectiveness
    Dr. Samuel Chand
    Bigger, Faster Leadership By Sam Chand
  • TALI 107
    Rise: How to elevate in any environment
    Wayne Chaney
    A Whole New Mind By Daniel Pink
  • TALI 108
    Authentic Leadership: How people follow authentic unfiltered leaders
    Myesha Chaney
    The Way of The Heart By Henri Nouwen
  • TALI 109
    Gears for organizational growth and success
    Shawn Lovejoy
    Be Mean About the Vision By Shawn Lovejoy
  • TALI 110
    How "good" leadership is your biggest enemy
    Jacin Humphrey
    Great by Choice By Jim Collins and Morten Hansen
  • TALI 111
    Leadership Beyond Borders: Strategically Position Your Brand and Leverage Media for Greater Visibility, Impact and Influence
    Zakiya Larry
    Master The Media: A Step-By-Step Guide to Elevate Your Brand On Air, On Camera and On Stage by Zakiya Larry
  • TALI 112
    Lead From Your Power Narrative
    Dr. Nicole LaBeach
    Live Like You Matter by Dr. Nicole LaBeach

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