About the Program

We’re living in a time when new leaders are needed in society. Across every sphere of influence, men and women must take their positions of authority in the places where real decisions are made. Regardless of where you serve or work today, The Advance Leadership Institute will ignite your capacity to lead and influence our world.

Why join The Advance Leadership Institute?

100% Online

TALI is a virtual campus where you will gather with others from around the world to learn in a community atmosphere of encouragement and reinforcement. While being taught by some of the finest Executive Influencers in the nation, you will be trained and equipped to increase your influence and your capacity to handle greater levels of leadership. We understand the demands and time limitations you face. That’s why TALI is 100% online and allows you to study at your own pace.

Secure Investment

Investing a small amount in yourself will create big returns in your career. TALI is an affordable way for you to make an ongoing investment in yourself, in both your present and your future. It will add clarity to your current leadership goals as well as increase your influence for the years to come.

Interactive Network

Leaders should always be expanding their networks. For this, relationships are essential, whether you lead in the marketplace, the board room, or the local church. TALI will immerse you in a fully interactive network of high-capacity influencers with proven track records of success. You'll have the opportunity to engage with these leaders in our membership portal and live, interactive online classes.

Executive Influencers

Successful athletes have coaches. The same holds true with leaders. At TALI, we’ve assembled an amazing team of Executive Influencers to develop you as a leader. They understand that leaders must become influencers and that the time is now for new leaders to be well-positioned in society and culture. The faculty at TALI have proven success with raising up leaders in all parts of society.

Practical Application

Every day, you interact with and impact people no one else can. TALI will take that dynamic and show you how you can better affect change in your sphere of influence. You will learn how to fulfill your leadership potential and live out your purpose, starting right where you are. You will be challenged to pursue your ultimate sphere of influence, whether it’s in education, government, media, arts and entertainment, business, family or religion.

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